Standing Seam vs. Exposed Fastener Panels

Are you trying to determine which aluminum roofing styles are best? This video will discuss whether corrugated roofing installation or standing seam is the best type of aluminum roof for your house.

Western Rib®(7.2 Panel) Aluminum Panel: Pros & Cons

Western Rib (7.2 Panel) is the strongest panel that we manufacture. It’s capable of longer spans between supports. In this video, we discuss the pros and cons of Western Rib®.

Discover T-Groove® Aluminum Wall Panels

T-Groove is a concealed fastener wall panel that can be used for aluminum soffits, ceilings, fascia, and wall panel systems. In this video we will discuss the pros and cons of using a concealed fastener flush wall panel, T-Groove®.

Discover Western Reveal®

Are you looking to make your aluminum fascia, soffit, or wall panels the focal point of your building? Watch this video to learn more about the pros and cons of Western Reveal®.

Learn About PBR Panel: Is PBR Aluminum Panel Better For You?

Do you have an aluminum roofing, siding, or fencing job and are looking for the nicest aluminum panel that cost the least amount of money? PBR panels and R panels have a great balance of price and performance.

Homeowner’s Guide To Corrugated Aluminum Roofing

Corrugated Metal Roofing Panels Pros And Cons: Is it right for your house or a bad fit? Corrugated metal roofing sheets are one of the most popular types of metal roofs for residential houses.

Types Of Aluminum Siding Panels: Which One Is Right For You?

Installing aluminum wall panels or aluminum siding on your house is a big investment that can last you a lifetime. This video explains the pros and cons for each type of aluminum siding panel.

Types Of Aluminum Roofing Panels: Which One Is Right For You?

What type of metal roof is right for you? When you look around a neighborhood the styles of metal roofing that you see are normally standing seam, corrugated, and R Panel. In this video we discuss which type of residential metal roofing is best for your house.